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Wowowow burning with mad. How i hate holidays and celebrations.

Wow dad dont you dare. Dont you fucking dare.

I literally want n o t h i n g for christmas. And then call me ungrateful. Um who hasnt had birthday parties since what, 1st grade? Who skipped out on high school dances? Who stays home and nore importantly stays clean? Who sacrifices her mental health for who???who??? Oh thats right you. Who woke up at 4:30 in the morning because a certain someone needed to work more because they wasted thousands of dollars that were supposed to be my college money on our terminally ill dog?? Who was too tired to get their homework done because of that and in turn had their grades suffer? While im digging up guilt, who stayed strong through moms icu incident? Who did??? Who was the adult?? Who abused adhd meds to help study for tests?? Who did that? Who planned out their near future around the comfort of your life??

Oh thats right, an unstable 13 year old struggling with an eating disorder. Now i am a more stable almost 18 year old but you have the audacity to say im selfcentered. After i had a crappy childhood so that you could live in ignorant bliss.